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Corporate Income Tax in Thailand

The following article provides an overview of the corporate tax system in Thailand

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How to Set Up a Private Limited Company in Thailand?

The PLC is the most commonly used legal structure for doing business in Thailand. A foreign investor wishing to start a business in Thailand will usually start by incorporating a company.

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Is it Possible for a Foreigner to Gain Majority Ownership of a Company in Thailand?

While Thailand is not hostile to foreign capital per se, it has clearly preferred, where it is possible, for it to be in the form of minority ownership. The most emblematic measure is the Foreign Business Act that forbids foreign investors to own more than 49% ownership in a large field of activities unless a special licence has been granted.

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Fundamentals of Labor Law in Thailand

What legal and protective measures are available to employees in Thailand?

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International Arbitration in Thailand, Rules and Enforcement of an Arbitral Award

The success of international trade depends on several core issues, one of which is the method by which participants can resolve commercial disputes quickly and effectively.

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